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Sly installation

Extract Archive

First extract the sly-1.0.0.tar.gz archive using GNU-tar and change into the extracted directory:

tar -xvzf sly-1.0.0.tar.gz
cd sly-1.0.0


Default installation puts the scripts into /usr/local/bin/.

Install sly, sly-mate and sly-tidy as root:
        make install

The installation destination can be changed using PREFIX:

        make install PREFIX=/opt/sly

will install the
scripts into ${PREFIX}/bin/ ,
manpages into ${PREFIX}/man/man1/ and
example files at ${PREFIX}/share/sly/

PREFIX defaults to /usr/local

In the examples directory there will be a ptfilter.sed sample script to start with.

Clean up

The extracted sources can be removed safely now.

cd .. && rm -r sly-1.0.0


        make deinstall

will remove the scripts, manpages and example files. Be careful to use the same PREFIX as used at installation time.