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LilyPond utilities

Adaption of David Raleigh Arnold's sly for *BSD

Sly is a notation format and a set of transformation scripts for use with LilyPond sources. Refer to openguitar.com for more information.

sly(1) takes a file with extension .sly and splits it into parts to be read by lilypond in an .ly file by means of includes.
sly-tidy(1) vertically aligns the field separators by inserting spaces.
sly-mate(1) performs a matrix transform on the file.

Here you find my humbly patched and packaged version to work on BSD (and most probably under any Unix as well as cygwin): sly-1.0.0.tar.gz
Read INSTALL for installation instructions.

Also i rewrote lyinclude to handle nested includes: lyinclude2.py


Sly by D. R. Arnold
Package author: Patrick Atamaniuk <atamaniuk at frobs dot net>


LilyPond is music printing
Installing LilyPond on FreeBSD