Portrookies mini-howto

The Portrookies Project

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This document gives a brief introduction to Portrookies for FreeBSD. It includes some information on how to obtain Portrookies, how to use it and how to participate actively.

1. Introduction

Port rookies are port candidates managed in an external CVS directory. This should be a collective effort to help people gaining experience in creating and maintaining FreeBSD ports without being obliged to the high standards of the ports collection. It may also be a great place to test experimental ports until they stabilize.

The idea is that committers take the stabilized ports (and maintainers) and migrate them to the FreeBSD ports tree.

Portrookies is inspired by the recent discussion on The FreeBSD ports mailinglist. and is currently in its pre-alpha stage, almost no documentation has been written. The SourceForge project page is at: http://sourceforge.net/projects/portrookies/